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Comfortable Isn’t Always Good

So, I got fired today.  Well not fired.  Laid off.  Told that because there really isn’t that much work for my department to do (which is absolutely true, there have been days when I’ve had no actual work assigned to me) that they’ll have to be letting me go.  They were very, very nice about […]

Updates for a Tuesday Afternoon

The guy I had plans with for tonight texted me at 3:11pm.  3:11pm.  We were supposed to meet for drinks at 7 (at an undecided location).  And this was supposed to be our first date (we made these plans last Wednesday and I hadn’t heard from him since).  He asked if tonight was still good […]
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I’m Looking For A Man

First let me admit than I’m a bit tipsy (I’m writing this Friday night, after my date, but setting it to post Saturday morning.  I do that a lot.  Write things the day before or days before.  It helps me with the whole posting every day thing.  There, now you know one of my secrets.).  […]
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How’d I Get Here?

As I’ve mentioned many times before, this whole blog thing really is new to me.  I started the blog back in August (of 07 08, so that would make it 8 months ago). Prior to that I hadn’t really read many blogs.  At least not regularly.  And the ones I did read were the big […]
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Degrees of Separation

Dating in NYC is different than dating other places.  It just is.  It’s not better or worse.  It’s just different. I haven’t dated anyone who knew any of my exes in over 15 years.  And that wasn’t here in the city.  I was living in the UK then.  If I lived somewhere else, most other places, the […]
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