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Missed the Signal

Let me start by saying I’m an equal opportunity dater.  I’ve dated guys of different races and many different ethnic backgrounds.  You can all see of my body up top there on my blog header and so you know I’m a white girl, but don’t assume that every guy I date is white. They’re not. […]
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Keep Seeing This (Are Open Marriages on the Rise?)

I haven’t kept a count, but I’m gonna guess that in the last 7 days I’ve seen at least 5 references (on blogs and on Twitter) to single women getting asked out by or going out on dates with married men (who then disclosed on the date that they were married). I’m of two minds […]
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Earlier today I was casually lurking on Twitter, yes I lurk sometimes.  Usually when I’m drinking my coffee/reading the morning paper or watching something I like on TV (or stuff like that).  I’ll have my laptop open with Tweetdeck open and I’ll occasionally take a look at it to see if anything catches my eye.  […]
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Getting Around

I’ve been meaning to post this for days but, well, oh who am I kidding?  My “reason” is that I’ve been spending 12+ hours a day working on the whole find myself a new way to make a living project. In case anyone’s interested there are things I’ve written in a couple of a few […]
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Forgive Me As I Overshare

Today is my last day at my current job.  I found out that I was being let go on Thursday (and wrote about it then).  I’m not heartbroken about leaving the job, but I am scared shitless about my future.  I have lots of ideas about how things might work out.  And, truth is, this […]