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Quick Thought – That Goddamn Green Grass

I just had a “meeting” with an old friend.  There’s a project I want to develop and she has just the right set of skills and talents to get it off the ground. So I’ve been hounding her for the last few fews/months about it.  Today we finally met and brainstormed and I think it’s […]
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Not a Happy Mother’s Day Post Part 2 – Long Island Wine Country

So this post is both the second part of Not a Happy Mother’s Day Post and my regular Monday, Best Date Spot post.  Let’s see if I can pull this off. We hadn’t talked much about the trip, in advance.  I’d never been out to the North Fork before, had no idea where we were […]
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Not a Happy Mother’s Day Post

I’m not a mother. My mother’s gone and so are my grandmothers, and while I have plenty of aunts, I’m not really close to any of them.  So I’m not feeling the Mother’s Day love, sorry.  Plus, I’ve always put Mother’s Day in that category of greeting card holidays that only exist so that people […]

Just So We’re Clear

Some of you know some of this already.  I haven’t tried to hide it.  But I didn’t want anyone making any false assumptions about me or my motives. I have a new job or two.  Well, kind of, in the way that people out here in the blogosphere/twitterverse sometimes get paid to write for other […]
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Go Ahead, Deny It

I’ve frequently been told, by guys, that guys are simple.  That women over-complicate things and if we could just remember that guys are simple, that they say what they want and mean what they say (and all that crap) then the world of dating and relationships would all be a lot easier. And I’ve repeated […]
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