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I’m Just Not a Big Fan of Holidays

It’s Monday and it’s Memorial Day.  Usually on Mondays I write posts for the Best Date Spots section of the blog. But I’m not going to do that today.  I figured I’d use the holiday as an excuse to mix things up. I’m not a holiday fan, in general.  Although I do love the way […]
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This is going to be posted on Thursday morning, using the little timer system they have.  I’m writing it on Wednesday.  I have a date tonight with The European.  We’re seeing a movie and then going out for drinks after that.  And well, I’ve scheduled time this afternoon to clean my apartment.  Ahem. So, I […]
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I’m Being A Jerk

A friend of mine is getting married next month.  A good friend. And I still haven’t RSVP’d to the wedding.  The RSVP by date was days ago. Let’s face it, I’m being a rude jerk. I adore this friend.  I helped her pick out her wedding dress.  I’m really, really happy for her. I’m not […]
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Battle of the Sexes????

I’m a big fan of Naked with Socks On.  It’s a smart, funny and brutally honest site.  Nobody over there is trying to say the right thing (which makes me happy, as I think we all suffer when people say what they think we want to hear, instead of what they think is right). Anyway, […]
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I Can’t So I Won’t

My regular readers know that I’m a bit anal about this blog.  I tend to have posts written in advance and even have a little calendar where I plot out topics that I want to write about.  I guess this makes me a freak in the blogging world, especially amongst dating bloggers, but the truth […]
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