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Why Not?

I’m pretty sure I haven’t told this story here.  If I have it was a while ago, and it’s totally relevant to my last couple of posts so I’m going to retell it. I was young, in my early 20s.  And I’d gotten sick.  Really sick.  One of those bizarre, mysterious (non-contagious) illnesses that land […]
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Dropping Fruit

I just got in from a late supper with Lostplum.  We were good tonight – burgers and fries but no booze so that we could both go home afterwards and get some work done. Earlier in the evening we attended the third session of Dating Bootcamp.   Tonight’s theme was, “How to Get a Guy” and […]
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Can I Just Say

3 Quick Things I have the coolest, most awesomest readers in the blogesphere I’m on my way out now to Dating Bootcamp and am wearing something which breaks their rules of “The Look Men Love” and you know what – I know I look hot.  So screw them. I cannot remember the last time I […]
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You Can’t Go Back

I’ll admit it.  The main reason I went out with the guy I went out with tonight is because he reminded me of my first love.  He looks a bit like him and they’re from the same place and, well, there are other similarities. It took me about 3 minutes to realize that those similarities […]
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I Know What I Said

I know that I’ve said, repeatedly, that this is a dating blog and as such I don’t write about politics or current affairs or even other things that are going on in my life.  I’ve only broken that rule a few times, and each time I had a pretty good reason. Well, this is going […]
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