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You Get What You Ask For

This was a weird week for me.  As I’ve mentioned before, Lostplum and I dropped by the Thrillist loft several times this week for different parties.  The parties were fun, and they were an opportunity for me to socialize as Simone Grant, the dating blogger.  As opposed to, my other self, the freelance writer who […]
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I’m a Lousy Actress

So last night, after I posted my rant/post, I decided to take a long, hot shower and give myself a facial.  I figured that would help get my head into dating space. But it didn’t work.  Neither did listening to some of my favorite snap out of it music.  My mind was stuck in a […]
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Hiatus + other stuff

I’ve decided to put Best Date Spots on hiatus.  At least for this week.  Maybe more.  I love NYC and I love writing about cool places to go here (although truth be told, I’ll never give up my top 3 favorite places for fear that they’ll become even more crowded).  But I’m just not feeling […]
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Dear Very Cute Boy

Dear Very Cute Boy Who I Was Talking To The Other Night, By my guestimates you are probably too young for me.  I’d say by at least 5 years.  Maybe more? But I smiled at you and you saw my smile and immediately came over and introduced yourself (Even though I was talking to another […]
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I’m Being a Jerk, Part 2

So, it’s official, I’m not going to my friend’s wedding. It’s next weekend.  I’ve been pretending that I wasn’t sure, that I might still go, but today I realized that that was just an act.  A lie I was telling myself. I’m sure.  I just can’t go. As much as I care about my friend, […]
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