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Make Me a Match

Lostplum and I were lucky enough to chat with most of the guys from the Man Panel during the little cocktail hours they had after each night of Dating Bootcamp. We decided to reconvene the Man Panel in a less formal setting so that we could continue to pick their brains about some important dating […]
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An Experiment

I’m not bragging, but I do look pretty damn good for my age.  I get hit on by younger guys all the time.  And it’s not because I’m smoking hot (I’m not).  I’m an attractive women who happens to look about 10 years younger than she is. Anyway, I have this habit of bringing up […]
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You’ve Come a Long Way Baby

Here’s another one of those New York things that I’m not sure if people in other places can relate to.  I’m sorry if it’s too New Yorky.  It’s hard for me to tell. I was on a date recently and the guy was telling me that he’d recently moved to a new neighborhood.  Well, where […]
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If I Only Knew

Looking back over my weekend I realize that the same theme kept popping up in conversation. First on Friday night with Lostplum and our friend from Thrillist and then today at brunch with KB_in_NYC. The topic was, if only I knew then what I know now (suprisingly, I wasn’t the one who brought it up […]
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In Other News

I’ve started blogging at a new site.  It’s called Dating Advice Secrets. That’s right, I’m giving advice.  Kind of.  Check it out and I think you’ll see that I’m not going too far outside of my comfort zone. I’ve also started to contribute to the Single Women Rule site.  I’m going to be posting there […]
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