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This Is Reality

So I have jury duty this week.  I’ve postponed it a number of times and so this time it was non-negotiable.  I’m not complaining though. They have strong, reliable wifi and a/c and so what’s there to complain about? So here’s a funny jury duty story:  I kinda got dressed up yesterday morning.  Not super-dressed […]

There Are Some Things I Just Won’t Do

So, I was just catching up on my casual reading and, lo and behold, there’s another celebrity sex tape scandal.  Shocking.  No, I’m not going to put a link to that.  There are actually some things I think that are beneath me. Anyway, I just thought I’d add my two cents.  On the short list […]
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It Was a Very Good Year (?)

So this weekend is the one year anniversary of this blog.  Not at this site.  I started over at blogspot and migrated over here – to OnSugar with my own url a few months later.  But I started the site exactly one year ago this weekend. Technically tomorrow.  But tomorrow is Sunday and Sunday is […]
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50 is the new 20

Yesterday’s post by Single Black Male hit close to home for me. It’s title is, Why You Don’t Have a Man #4729: He Just Doesn’t Want A Relationship. I will admit that in my younger day I was one of those women who thought I could change a man. That if a guy liked me […]
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I Guess These Things Come in 3s

First off, all three of the men I’m about to write about read this blog, at least occasionally (well, I am 100% certain that 2 of them know about it and fairly sure about the 3rd). Dear Men in Question:  I’m not asking for any of you to chime in here with your reasons or […]
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