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What a Mess

This morning I woke up and looked around my bedroom in disgust.  I couldn’t remember the last time it was such a mess: There’s a mountain of dirty laundry in the corner.  The under-the-bed storage boxes are in the middle of the room with the lids off from when I was looking for my warm […]
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Another Silly Little Story – A Missing Necklace

I don’t wear much jewelry.  I never really have.  I used to wear a bit, back in college, but then some of my early jobs here in the city took me into neighborhoods that weren’t exactly safe.  I thought it best to be leave the jewelry at home. Then about 5 years ago I started […]
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Pick Up in Aisle 6

Last night I made a quick stop in the market for coffee and coffee filters  They keep the coffee filters I like (unbleached) on a high shelf and I can’t reach them.  So I stood nearby for a few minutes until somebody tall was near enough for me to ask for help.  And sure enough, […]

Why Do Men In Their 40s Think I’m Old?

One of my new favorite reads is More Magazine.  Although, I’m officially out of their target demographic, at 39 I’m not quite “old enough” (they “celebrate women 40+”), hehe. The truth is that as much as I like some of the other mags for women, I feel left out. So many of the articles in […]

Hurry Up and Get Married Quickly

This is SO not about what you think it is. This is National Singles’ Week and so it might seem like an odd time for me to be writing a post about marriage, but I’m an odd chick. I was browsing YourTango as I drank my coffee and noticed this post, Is One Month Into […]
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