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Not According to Plan

I’ve been off-line for most of the last few days.  Health stuff, sorta. Anyways, I also had to miss 2 friend’s parties (which I was very sad about) and cancel my 2nd date with Mr. Midwest (our 3rd date went well and he asked me out again as we kissed outside my building at the […]

When I Started to Feel ?

That title originally read, “When I Started to Feel Sexy” but I didn’t want to give people the wrong idea. This is just a short post about me and getting older. And being cool, better than cool, with getting older. Yesterday, I retweeted an article from YourTango about why women should look forward to getting […]

Love at First Sight

One of the new features of my site is the little teaser poll (over in the right corner, in the pretty rose box).  I’m going to be switching them out every week or so. The first question I posed was, “Do you believe in love at first sight?  Because of some, um, technical difficulties it […]

OMG, I Think I Have a Date Tonight With…

Sometime, somewhere in the last few days I heard someone talking about dating a person from work.  Or maybe it was something I read.  Anyway, it made me think of this story. It was the last time I went out with a man from work, although I still cringe when I think of it as […]

Some Things Are Beyond Our Control

Perhaps I should have called today’s post, “Incoherent Ramblings on a Rainy Saturday Afternoon”.  My apologies. I was talking with a friend last night about heartache. We didn’t label it heartache, but that’s what we were talking about. That horrible feeling you get when your heart feels so full of pain and hurt and leftover […]