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SATC2 – Sorry, No

First some things, all of which have been mentioned before, but I think they’re worth repeating: I didn’t watch the original SATC series when it first came out.  Honestly, I don’t have cable TV. Don’t watch much TV. I don’t think this makes me an intellectual or superior in any way. If anything, I’m sure […]

The (Almost) 40 Year Old Virgin

So last night I was talking with friends about one of our relatives. He doesn’t read this blog, doesn’t even know about it, we think. But I’m going to be discreet and not include too many biographical details, just because. He’s almost 40. And as far as anyone knows, a virgin. In fact, we’re all […]

The Best Revenge

So last night I was watching Law & Order (one of them).  Well, I wasn’t so much watching it as had it on in the background while I was answering emails. I couldn’t quite follow the whole show, it seemed to be jumping around.  But one thing stood out.  There were several female characters (suspects) […]


There was a time, back in the 70s, when my parents had a Memorial Day party every year.  It was their holiday.  All of the neighbors would come over for a barbeque.  One of the other neighbors had the 4th of July. And someone else had Labor Day, etc. They were basically block parties, I […]

Speak For Yourself, Revisited

The other day I posted a really great comment thread and used it as the jumping off point for a post about being comfortable/happy being alone but still wanting a romantic partner.  If you haven’t read it yet, you should. There was a second theme in that thread (“toxic friendships and letting other people’s negative […]