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Back to Those Feelings

It hit me this morning, as I was frantically rushing through some work and personal/family stuff so that I could go visit a sick friend later in the day -> I’m not dead inside. Sometimes, when I’m dating (maybe most of the time) I wonder if maybe there’s something wrong with my heart. I date […]

Do You Have a Goal?

A couple of weeks ago I was at a daytime BBQ at a friend’s place (one of my favorite things about summer, rooftop BBQs) when one of the other guests started to get herself together to leave early.  She had a date and wanted to go home to change. As she was saying her goodbyes, […]

Lucky You

Luck is a funny thing.  I believe in it, strongly (if that makes sense). I also believe that bad things sometime happen to good people.  That deserves can be a very dangerous word. And that the LOA is full of shit.  Oh, and to steal from Conan, if you work hard and are nice to […]


Main Entry: mile·stone Pronunciation: \ˈmī(-ə)l-ˌstōn\ Function: noun Date: 1662 1 : a stone serving as a milepost 2 : a significant point in development I’ve been thinking about (and writing about, but that’s for another time) milestones and the passage of time.  I’ve always tried hard not to get bogged down by the shoulds of […]

Talking to Myself

Last night I got the chance to take a good look at my past.  A good, close-up look.  Even have a little chat with my old self.  It was bizarre. Here’s the story – I went out to dinner with friends (mini update – I’m still out of town, staying with friends). Early in the […]