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Moving On

I’m in the process of packing up my apartment and moving. Well…I should be packing. I started to before I got sick.  And then I stopped and had to delay the move until I got better. Which is just classic. I spent months looking for a new home. MONTHS, no exaggeration. And then another couple […]

The Truth is Probably Somewhere In Between

Earlier this morning I wrote a long, incoherent post about being sick and single. I’ve had this damn cold for ages now but, contrary to the common logic that single people have no one to take care of them, I’ve been blessed with friends who have volunteered to come by and take care of me, […]

It Gets Better

As some of you know, I’ve been fighting a thoroughly ridiculous cold for the past few days. It’s just a cold, but I have a crap immune system and so it always takes me days longer than a normal person to shake things and yes I’m drinking lots of juice, taking my vitamins and last […]

Do Nice Guys Finish Last?

I work from home, which has its pros and cons.  Yesterday it was pouring rain and so it was great that I didn’t have to go out in it (I did go out last night to pick up juice and soup, as I’m nursing the same damn cold everyone in NYC seems to have right […]

More Bad Timing

So last week I got an email from a guy I met a few years ago.  We’d met, had one date and nothing ever came of it.  I don’t remember much, but I guess I liked him well enough (told him I’d see him again) and then he started seeing someone else (? seriously, I’m […]