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It’s Time

Happy Effing New Year. I’m not going to waste your time bitching about how crappy 2012 was, or making promises for the new year.  I’m done with that.  I just wanted to check in, because it’s been a long while. And to say that I’ve missed you. Missed the part of myself who blogs regularly […]
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Wrong Tense

I’ve been working on a post. My first one in a long while.  I’ve rewritten it a few times… and I just can’t seem to get it right. Here’s the thing, I stopped posting for a while because I kept thinking that tomorrow would be a better day. Tomorrow, I’d feel better. Tomorrow, the scale […]

You should listen to this

Some of you have probably already heard this, but just in case you missed it, I HAD to share. It’s that awesome. Just finished listening to Caitlin Moran on Fresh Air and now I’m downloading (I still buy paper books, too, but e-readers are awfully convenient) her book. Excerpt below. That is all. “In her […]

Speaking of Perspective… Faking It

So remember that AMAZING post by Mr. Smarty Pants Dennis Hong, That “Amazing First Date We Went on Kind of Sucked For Me. You don’t? Well go read it! In short, he talked about the very real phenomena of being on a date, realizing you’re not really into the person but going through the motions […]

Perspective. Yeah That.

Had to share, even if it makes me queasy. I had a medical appointment with a new doctor. A second opinion I should have had long ago. Why didn’t I have it sooner? 1) I thought I was getting pretty good care 2) I did actually make this appointment MANY months ago. Getting in to […]