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Welcome to “Simone Grant’s Blog’s” New Home

I’m not the type of person who carefully researches every single detail of a new hobby/passion BEFORE starting out. Nope. If I want to try something new, I tend to dive in. Head first. See how I like it.  And then, if it’s a good fit, I’ll make the investment in time and resources to learn […]

Blast from the Past – Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck – > There, I said it!

This has been a seriously week. So long, that I’m too tired to write the post that I’ve been thinking about writing. So, I thought now would be the perfect time to share one of my favorite posts from last summer. Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck – > There, I said it! I was chatting […]

The Top 10 Posts of 2010

I’m a few days late with this. But better late than never? As my regular readers know, I’m not a big fans of lists. But I do love data. And so I’m one of those pathetically geeky people who look at year-end statistics to see if I can make heads or tails of what it […]

That’s Entertainment

I’m 40, dammit. 40. I have no idea how many dates I’ve been on in my life, with how many different men, but suffice it to say we’re talking deep into the triple digits. And that’s something I’m neither proud nor ashamed of. It just is what it is. But 20+ years of dating, all […]

A Slip of the Tongue

I had two good friends over for dinner last night (How Very Lucky and Jack from Brooklyn) and we were talking about, well, everything. Life, love, music, work, family, politics… you name it we talked about it.  At some point, as a tangent to what we were talking about, I told a story about a […]