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On Your Own

This week’s Single Edition Radio Show was another fun one. Sherri and I had 2 awesome guests: Melissa Braverman aka SingleGal in the City and Jennifer Kelton, Founder and CEO of The theme of the week was travel, and more specifically, traveling SOLO. We all had LOTS to say about it, as all 4 of […]
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Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me

As a recent post in Metanotherfrog reminded me, some kisses are more memorable than others. This is a story of a memorable kiss. I was with a guy, kissing. Well, we were doing more than kissing. All of a sudden I felt him biting my tongue. BITING. My tongue. Not playfully nibbling. Biting. Now, before […]

Making the Extra Effort

I grew up with a whole bunch of aunts and uncles who weren’t actual blood relatives. The aunts were all my mom’s childhood friends, and they stayed close throughout their whole lives. I’ve never had a group of friends like that. Never for any long period of time. And, for the most part, this isn’t […]

It’s a Matter of Taste

Have I ever mentioned how much I love brunch? I love brunch. Going out to brunch and also having friends over for brunch. I love the way people can just arrive when they arrive, and come and go over the course of the afternoon. Casual and mellow. Anyway, I had some friends over for brunch […]

Because Sometimes Love is Just a Matter of Luck…

I officially suck at coming up with titles and catch-phrases. Anyone who reads this blog on a somewhat regular basis already knows this. It’s just not something I have a knack for. And (probably) because of that I am uber-appreciative of people who ARE good at it. So I kinda swooned when I first watched […]