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Makeover Madness

I’m kinda obsessed by the whole make-over concept and the way it plays out in the media. There are TV shows dedicated to making over houses, brides, cars, families… Bring in an expert or team of experts and they’ll make everything seem shiny and new. And they’ll do it quickly (with little to no effort […]

In Love with Love

Here’s a random thought to start your week off with a WTF?: Some people claim to be “in love” many times during their lives. Elizabeth Taylor is an obvious example although I can think of several people in their 30s who’ve already used, “in love” to describe at least a half-dozen relationships, or more. While […]

Regrets, I’ve Had a Few (Dozen)

I’ve always thought that most people fall into one of 2 categories: A) those who carefully think through everything they do in life, in advance (these people frequently pride themselves on their good judgment), B) those who occasionally (or more than occasionally) throw caution to the wind (these people frequently remind themselves that life is […]

Don’t Say Hello

Before I begin today’s topic, just a quick mention that this is another Insomniac Club post. You can follow along in real time via twitter using the #insomniaclub hashtag. Don’t Say Hello There are things I wish I could say to men on the first date. Before the first date. Telepathically as they first lay eyes on me. […]


It’s rare, but sometimes I get a touch of writer’s block. Not true writer’s block that keeps me from writing anything. More like, I’m not feeling this blog, or this topic… Which is where I was yesterday. I sat down last night to write posts for the week (which is what I usually do, try […]