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Resolution (in my mind)

I was doing some hard core wallowing earlier today.  Sadly I felt the need to share my feeling with the folks on Twitter, which somehow made it worse. What should have been a passing feeling turned into a long, drawn out evaluation of what I was feeling and why. I’d made the mistake of checking […]
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How Many Times Can I Be Wrong (and still keep going)? Redux

In the comments (I get some really great comments, btw, if you don’t read them, you should) Derek7272 asked me what happened to the soulmate guy. So, here’s how the story ended.  One day (I think I was probably 29, but maybe not.  Maybe 28 or 30, as I’ve mentioned before I have a horrible […]
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How Many Times Can I Be Wrong (and still keep going)?

The first time I fell in love was in my early 20s.  I was a seriously cynical chick back then.  I’d seen more than my fair share of sadness and heartache with a little bit of premature death thrown in for good measure and was fairly certain that I’d never live past 30.  I was […]

Happy Happy

It was two and a half years ago, more or less.  I’m really bad with time.  Work was hectic. I’d had a string of emotionally exhausting relationships in the year prior.  And, well, I came to the conclusion that the very last thing I needed was another boyfriend.  I just couldn’t deal with another guy and […]
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OK for Now

Yesterday, after my nap, I found myself back at my computer.  I wish I didn’t feel the need to do it, but I had to check Mr. Potential’s online dating profile.  I wasn’t expecting it to have magically disappeared, although that would have made me extremely happy.  I was just hoping that he hadn’t look […]
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