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A Quick Thought for This Frosty Afternoon

As I’ve mentioned several times before, I’m one of those crazy Twitterers you keep hearing so much about (it does seem like you can’t  turn on the TV without hearing someone say Twitter).   On several occasions I’ve mentioned to my friends on twitter that I had a date later in the day.  Each time, without fail, I received […]
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Dryspells Suck – aka Who Can You Count On (Redux)?

My last one night stand was a couple of years ago (that seems about right, my longtime readers will recall my mentioning that I have a horrible sense of time – I can’t always remember when things heppened – a year ago, two years, three years).  We met at an upscale bar not far from […]
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I Want to Believe

It was during my last phyiscal therapy session (neck injury – causing me much stress lately as I can’t work out/go to yoga) when my physical therapist stopped working on the kinks in my neck for a few minutes to tell me that, perhaps, my pains are physical manifestation of what’s going on in my […]
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The Quickest Way to My Heart

I love food. It’s pathetic how much I love food. I always tell guys this up front.  Every online dating profile I’ve ever written mentions my love of food.  And the last time I met a guy out in the live world, just out and about, it was on line at one of my favorite […]
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I Am Not the Real Carrie Bradshaw

Sometimes my readers choose to send me private messages, rather than make public comments.  And I love getting them as much as I love it when people comment. A while ago I got a lovely message from a reader telling me how much she liked the blog, and in her message she said that I […]