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Missed the Signal

Let me start by saying I’m an equal opportunity dater.  I’ve dated guys of different races and many different ethnic backgrounds.  You can all see of my body up top there on my blog header and so you know I’m a white girl, but don’t assume that every guy I date is white. They’re not. […]
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Earlier today I was casually lurking on Twitter, yes I lurk sometimes.  Usually when I’m drinking my coffee/reading the morning paper or watching something I like on TV (or stuff like that).  I’ll have my laptop open with Tweetdeck open and I’ll occasionally take a look at it to see if anything catches my eye.  […]
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It Never Hurts To Ask

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I read a LOT of blogs.  Some that you probably wouldn’t imagine I’d be a fan of. I was laughing my ass off yesterday as I read this post in Very Smart Brothas – How To Answer Questions So That I’ll Never Call You. The gentlemen at VSB […]
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Alright, Already

Enough with the whining and the moaning.  No one wants to hear it. I’ve decided that maybe the best way to handle this crisis is to handle it the way I’ve handled similar crisises in the past (no, not get drunk and sleep with the first gorgeous but inappropriate man who seems convenient, although that […]
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I Take Requests

It’s pretty easy for readers to get in contact with me.  I have my Facebook and Twitter info right over there on the top right corner of the blog.  Plus OnSugar has a pretty great private messaging system.  Or you can just send me an email.  I’ve posted my email here on the site several […]
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