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It’s Always Trial and Error

As I mentioned in my earlier post, the fuckbuddy is back in town and so I’m in a significantly better mood. Just about every time I mention the fuckbuddy, I’m peppered with questions about the whole fb deal.  You know, “how does a girl get herself a fuckbuddy” and “how do you keep yourself from […]
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History Will Not Repeat Itself

I’ve never really talked about this here, or maybe I have but it’s been in dribs and drabs.  I guess I’ve been talking around it. I have a really bad history with a certain type of man.  Actually, ‘really bad’ might be an understatement. Tragic. Pathetic. Appalling. And I guess one of the reasons that […]
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How to Fill a Shopping Cart

Earlier today I was working on this article, and the premise of it was that it was important to know what you wanted in a guy. Yeah, I realise that not everyone feels that way.  That a lot of people think that it’s good to be open to whoever happens to cross your path.  And […]
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Sex Math or Why I Haven’t Gotten Laid in Weeks

I hate to break this to you guys, but only about half of you are any good in bed.  Alright.  Screw the euphemisms.  Only about half of you are decent lays. This isn’t just my opinion, btw. I’ve checked this with several other sexually experienced women I know and that seems to be the general […]

If I Only Knew

Looking back over my weekend I realize that the same theme kept popping up in conversation. First on Friday night with Lostplum and our friend from Thrillist and then today at brunch with KB_in_NYC. The topic was, if only I knew then what I know now (suprisingly, I wasn’t the one who brought it up […]
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