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Too Much and Not Enough

I did meet one man during my free weekend on Match.  We’ve been emailing just about every day, and earlier this week he asked me out for Friday (last) night.  I said no. I had 2 things on my calendar for last night and was looking forward to both – a party and a friend’s […]
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Musical Memories

Another random thing that you might not know about me (but some longtime readers might have figured this out):  I love music and my tastes are all over the place – classic punk, classic jazz, lots of alternative stuff from the 80s.  All over the place but truthfully, mostly old stuff.  It’s not that I […]
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Why Do You Ask?

First, let me state that this post is not meant to offend anyone.  Anyone who reads it and is subsequently offended should, perhaps, set aside some time for self-reflection as the only people who would be offended by this post are those who are full of shit.  And if you’re full of shit and I’m […]
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There’s Always More to the Story

On Tuesday, I wrote about my cancelled date with Mr. Nicepost and the way I felt about it (stressed, distrustful, ashamed at my own lack of trust).  I tried to be as open and honest with you as I could be about my feelings, while at the same time leaving out lots of details about […]
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Superwoman Doesn’t Live Here

I think that anyone who’s ever read more than a dozen of my blog posts probably has a pretty good sense that I’m not an unhappy single.  I like my life.  At least most of the time. I like dating and like my alone time and have written often about the fact that I have […]
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