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So About Sex

I’m not having any. Sex. In fact, this is probably the longest I’ve gone in… well, I don’t know. Over a decade at least. I think. Maybe more. It hurts my brain (and other parts of me) to thing about it. Especially when I ponder the why. It’s complicated. Not that complicated. Just layers of […]

Trying to Create the Frankenstein Monster of Love

Today’s guest post is written by Dennis Hong. A man comes across a genie who grants him any wish he wants. He thinks for a second and says, “okay, I want a woman who’s great in bed, a woman who can cook, and a woman who can clean.” “Yes, master. And will there be anything […]

I Made a Girl Cry on the First Date

Today’s guest post is written by Dennis Hong. If you had to sum up your worst date ever in one sentence, what would it be? Here’s mine: I once made a girl cry on the first date. How does one accomplish this exhilarating feat, you ask? Let me tells ya…. My first date with “Monica” […]

Be Back When I’m Back

I’ve been pretty damn scarce lately. Here, on twitter, fb, email (yes, I might just owe you an email). And I’m really tired of telling you all that I’ve got “health stuff” going on. So I figured I’d tell you an almost funny and completely true story from the past few weeks. One that seems […]

I’m Not Dead Yet

Hey kids, sorry about all the unread/ignored comments. And the unread emails. And  well… let’s just say I dropped off the face of the earth sometime last week. More so than usual. Health stuff. But I’m not dead yet.  Promise. Please accept this moment of laughter as my humble apology. Tags: Sick
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