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Aw Hell, I’m Just Going to Tell You the Story. Screw the Consequences.

So last night started out with a quick, cheap, yummy local working dinner with Lostplum (I am blessed to live within 5 blocks of a dozen amazing, low-price restaurants and so don’t feel too guilty about going every once and while – even though I probably should). We are now officially “working together”. More news […]

I Didn’t Use an Outline

One of the few really useful things I learned in grad school came about one day as a professor was telling us the requirements for an upcoming assignment.  A student asked if we’d be required to turn in our outlines, in advance.  It was standard practice for some professors to approve outlines so that students […]
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What a Mess

This morning I woke up and looked around my bedroom in disgust.  I couldn’t remember the last time it was such a mess: There’s a mountain of dirty laundry in the corner.  The under-the-bed storage boxes are in the middle of the room with the lids off from when I was looking for my warm […]
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Another Silly Little Story – A Missing Necklace

I don’t wear much jewelry.  I never really have.  I used to wear a bit, back in college, but then some of my early jobs here in the city took me into neighborhoods that weren’t exactly safe.  I thought it best to be leave the jewelry at home. Then about 5 years ago I started […]
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I Can Admit When I’m Wrong

I admit it.  There’s a pretty good chance that I’ve been wrong.  For a while.  That I’ve been making some bad decisions.  Over and over. Gee, what a surprise. Back when I was saying that it didn’t matter that so many men lied on their online profiles about their height, weight and/or age.  That it […]