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Long Strange Road

Long story short.  I just deleted the long version of the story, something I do occasionally, because it seemed to fall into that category of “too personal” plus dredging up shit that’s better left unsaid.:  M and I had a long talk Tuesday night.  It was nice enough once we got past the, “How are […]

It’s My Life

Let’s be honest here, I’m just muddling through this dating and relationship thing.  I try to, in any given situation, do what I think is right.  But sometimes I end up NOT doing what I know are the “right” things (based on what my head is telling me) because my heart is pulling me in […]
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Seriously, hahahaha

The above was a text I sent recently.  It was meant to be derisive in tone, although I don’t know if that came across. Here’s the back story:  I have actually exchanged a couple of emails with M in the last few weeks.  A couple.  They were short and unpleasant and I didn’t think they […]
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That Truth Thing

I was catching up on my blog reading (OK, the truth is I had horrible insomnia, AGAIN, and was up half the night surfing the net and I’m still nowhere near caught up on my blog reading. There are just so many great blogs to read, I’ll never get caught up.) when I came across […]
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My Worst

A while ago I posted (sorry, I couldn’t find the post to reference it) this quote from Marilyn Monroe, “If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best”. Poor, dear Marilyn. Anyway, it came to mind yesterday as I was screaming at someone (she earned […]
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