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The Crazy Bitch in the Mirror

I’ll admit it. I’ve been that crazy girlfriend. You know, the one who calls and leaves a few too many voicemails (and texts and emails). Who asks, in a peak of frenzy, “why haven’t you called me back” in her 10th message of the day. The batshit crazy girlfriend, like the one we all laughed […]
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Shame On Me

It’s after 1pm and I’m just sitting down to write my post.  Shame on me. January 2 and I’m already blowing one of my resolutions – take my blog more seriously. I’ve been preoccupied this morning with getting my new online profiles together (they’re not really “new”, just updated) and shopping for guys for Lucky […]


So, I started several posts for today. I commented on the Sarandon/Robbins breakup (I don’t get why people are so upset about it, they were together a long time and are splitting.  Stuff like that happens every day.) and the Naomi Wolf article that praised Carrie Bradshaw as a feminist icon. I told a boxing […]
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Round and Round She Goes, Where She Stops Nobody Knows

Yesterday I posted something on my Tumblr blog about how I’m going to focus more on projects I care about (well, that’s part of what it’s about). One of the things I’m doing is trying to find a way to write more. Really write. Not on the blog. But things that are relevant to the […]
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We Interrupt This Story for a Short Story

I had lunch today with an old friend. One of the nicest (nice in this context does not in any way equal bland) guys I’ve ever met. It’s been months since we’ve seen each other and I guess that’s my fault. We’ve made plans a couple of times and each time something work or health […]
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