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I’m Just Not Made That Way

I have some very complicated views on life and dating.  Well that’s a lie.  The truth is, I don’t believe in much. Which is complicated. I believe that life isn’t fair. That bad things happen to good people. And sometimes the line between right and wrong can get a little blurry. Some people might define […]

The Little Things Add Up

I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning. I was overcome with more than just a touch of depression.  It doesn’t hit me often, but every once in a while I become overwhelmed by all of the little things. The ones that aren’t working. This is the longest I’ve gone without hearing […]
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For Starters, We Need a Translator

So, I’ve told a bunch of people about this already and as is typical of my life a) people don’t agree on how I should proceed b) I’m kinda on the fence. I’d told Mr. Midwest that I wanted to have a low-key night on Friday.  I specifically said, “isn’t there a game on we […]

Empty Relationships, Kinda Like Empty Calories

Yesterday I wrote about a conversation I had with a friend about my ideal man (and not a single one of you mentioned the picture of a robot I used to go with the post – it was a joke people, my ideal man = robot, sheesh). One of the many other things we talked […]

They Are the Real Truth

So yesterday I was replying to comments and I wrote something that was probably more true and important than anything in the post itself: I would never dream of making someone else completely responsible for my happiness, or my emotional well-being. There are things that our partners do to alter our happiness and stability, our […]