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It’s a Feeling (you stupid cow)

I had a strange weekend.  At first, it look like I’d overbooked myself with work, dates, family obligations, friends I wanted to see and things I wanted to do.  And then, Friday afternoon, I realized that a lot of the things on my calendar were non-essentials. The dates, for example.  I didn’t really want to […]

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

So everyone knows that Simone Grant is a pen name. No big deal. My family doesn’t know about the blog and I don’t tell the guys I date up front. I have told a couple of them, at random times, kinda like an experiment.  And a couple others have found out.  None of that truthfulness […]

Winning and Losing

Here’s a random thought for you – when it comes to dating and relationships (or life), it’s probably not a good idea to think about winning and losing.  Winners or losers. Nope, not a good idea. Here’s a story - I have a friend, a married friend.  She was unhappy.  I’d say unhappily married, but that wouldn’t […]

Seek and Ye Shall Find

So here’s a funny thought (ok, maybe it’s not so funny): When it comes to dating, we see what we want to see and we find what we’re looking for. No, I’m not trying to be profound.  Just pointing out that when I meet someone new (in whatever circumstance – online, at a party..) and […]

Open to Love

So here’s a question for you, is falling in love a choice? Or, to be more grammatically accurate, do we choose to fall in love? I’ve been thinking about this for days.  Ever since I read KB in NYC’s great post, I’m Crazy for Loving You. In it, she writes about the fact that she’s […]