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I Heart Black Men

I’m so excited about this week’s Guy’s Story from Totally Tyler. You should totally go check out his blog! I Heart Black Men Anyone who knows me will tell you I am attracted to black men. Don’t ask me why. Not to generalize, but maybe it’s the suave swagger. Maybe it’s the skin color. Beyond […]

The Truth Can Set You Free

Elizabeth Rose, one-third of our friends north of the border at MetAnotherFrog, contributes today’s tale of long distance love lost. Even if freedom is not your choice or your desire… The Truth Can Set You Free “You can’t handle the truth!” ~ Jack Nicholson, A Few Good Men Long ago, in a far away land, Elizabeth […]

Why a Man Needs to Open his Heart AND Mouth

Today’s post is from Jeffrey Platts, a dating coach who is passionate about helping men and women connect more deeply and authentically, both in life and in love. Jeffrey blends the practical with the spiritual, sharing his own insights from real life adventures in love, dating, and as a lifelong student of spirituality, psychology and […]

Confessions of a Jerk: A Curious Case of Super Dickery

Today’s guest post comes from Alex of The Urban Dater Fame. For tawdry tales of deceit and dickery I present… Confessions of a Jerk: A Curious Case of Super Dickery I’ve done the fade before. In fact, I probably deserve an award if such things were given out for exemplary talent in disappearing from a relationship like […]

The Frequency

Hi all! I’m Jack, from Brooklyn. I’ll be minding the store for a few days while Simone is off fishing. I’m going to let you all in on a little secret: if friends were currency, Simone would be a gazillionaire. While she’s on vacay, a few of her friends and myself are going to do […]