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There’s a Fine Line Between Smart and Ass

Today’s guest post is written by Dennis Hong. As anyone who’s ever suffered through a bout of online dating knows, when you’re filling out your dating profile, you have to type in these little packets of personal information. One self-description that I invariably put down is that I can be a bit of a smart-ass. […]

Floppy Disks and Hard Drives

It’s a beautiful day for a fabulous guest post. I don’t know about the rest of the world, but we have blue skies in NYC.  I woke up and sprung out of bed, then raced out to take a long walk in the glorious springlike weather. Then, after walking for a few hours I realized […]

The Surreal Nature of Dating in the City

Ah, dating in NYC.  What a beautiful disaster. Today’s NYC dating adventure is from Jennifer Gargotto is the creator of MsMorphosis. She, also recently wrote her first ebook, Navigating Dating: A Single Woman’s Guide to Dating Without Losing Herself.  The Surreal Nature of Dating in the City I lived in New York City for exactly 6 months […]

Everything I Know about Love I’ve Learned from Watching The Bachelor

And now for something completely different . Yeah, I’ve used that line before. Today’s guest post is from Ellie Stevens. Ellie works for Senior Dating Websites where she writes articles about how seniors can date safely on the web. Everything I Know about Love I’ve Learned from Watching The Bachelor We are only a few […]

Bachelor #1

Happy Thursday folks.  Hope you’re all enjoying your day so far. If not, hopefully this will perk you up.  I have a story from a new-ish, fun blog – Dates With Kate. You should check it out. Bachelor #1 Officially this was Bachelor #1. I was not at all feeling comfortable being back in the […]