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Today’s second post is the first of a multi-part story.  Both the story and the author are called simply Anonymous, for reasons that will eventually be made clear. “Names, dates and places in this post have been changed in order to maintain anonymity.  In real life, “Emily” is a rather well-known blogger and media personality. […]
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Lawyer, Lawyer, Lawyer

I have a couple of special treats for us today.  It’s Sunday, so that means we get to enjoy another Guy’s Story.  I was blessed this with week by having two great guys submit their stories, so I decided to use them both, rather than hold on to one until next week. And hey, if […]
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Friends and Lovers

This week we’re fortunate to have another story from Pipeline. “She was probably one of my best friends, someone I could talk to about almost anything, someone who would take my side no matter what (in Alaska we measure friends by who has our back in a bar fight), and someone I loved and cared […]
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You Asked

And now for our weekly break from all of my nonsense.  It’s another installment of our, “A Guy’s Story” series.  This week we have a special treat.  I asked the very talented Tranq Jones if he would be interested in submitting something for us.   And he was.  Now, I never know what to expect before […]

Loved & Lost Guy

This is the latest installment in our Sunday series of guest bloggers.  I’ve really been enjoying these (and not just because it means I have one less post to write each week).  You can take a look back at the whole series by clicking on the big blue “A Guy’s Story” right above the title. […]
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