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Online Dating is Easy (really, it is)

Alright guys, lets get this out of the way:  Online dating is easy.  If you’ve tried it and didn’t get any dates, it’s because you were doing it wrong.  I repeat, if you’ve tried online dating and couldn’t get any women to go out with you, it’s because you were doing it wrong. Let me […]
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7 Things A Guy Needs to Know About Picking An Online Dating Profile Picture

I’m an online dating veteran.  Been doing it on and off for almost 9 years.  A lot of things have changed over time.  Back in the olden days, very few people posted their pictures online.  We actually had to read through everyone’s profiles and decide who we were interested in without having any idea what they […]

My "Worst Date Ever"

I get asked about this a lot – My worst date ever.  It’s kind of funny, because until I started writing this blog, I’d never really thought about it.  I’ve had so many bad dates in my life that it never really occured to me to compare the bad against the bad and come up […]
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30 Seconds to Success (How to Compliment A Woman)

You know I’m not a big fan of giving (or taking) advice.  But I’ve been asked to write a post about how to compliment a woman and you know what, I actually think this is a topic I could provide a little assistance with. I’m going to try something different and just address the rest of this […]
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Dr. Phil is a Dickhead but He’s Not Always Wrong

So I’ve had this phrase/thought floating around my head for the last few days.  I don’t know if I read it in someones blog or what.  Early senility sucks. I wanted to write about it but I had to attribute it to someone so I googled it.  It popped up in a lot of places, […]