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It’s Game Time

I’m just full of surprises.  This week we have a second/bonus guest post from Blair Hickman (a chick, it’s shocking), one of my buddies over at Ignighter. Frequent readers of this blog should be amused by the topic. “At Avenue this weekend, one of those lounges without a name on the door that coddles mainly […]
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Don’t Catch the “Rebound” Guy

I’m so excited. Today I have a special guest author, Maya Contreras, author of 8 Weeks of Bruce.  Maya and I met recently when we were both recruited to participate in Cupcakes & Cupid.   As her book doesn’t release until August, I thought it would be cool if she got the opportunity to share some […]
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You Get What You Ask For

This was a weird week for me.  As I’ve mentioned before, Lostplum and I dropped by the Thrillist loft several times this week for different parties.  The parties were fun, and they were an opportunity for me to socialize as Simone Grant, the dating blogger.  As opposed to, my other self, the freelance writer who […]
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Dude, Don’t Be Such a Wuss

One of the first things I saw on Twitter yesterday was this, “Brooklyn sues for inflicting humiliation on singles “who feel rejected when their e-mails get no reply.””  from @damiella. The link is to a NYPost article about a guy who’s suing  I thought it was hysterical and immediately retweeted it and […]
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Top 3 Things I Learned In Dating Bootcamp (for real)

I’ve been having some fun, both here and on Twitter, poking fun at the Dating Bootcamp I attended for the past two weeks. I’m still a little shocked I was invited to attend.  I mean, I get they wanted dating bloggers but I am so totally opposed to the whole dating advice industry that I […]