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Who necks anymore? I’m not even sure the phrase is still in use, but I was on a date last night and I’m pretty sure that’s what we did for a good 20-30 minutes. It was way too rated PG-13 to be called making out or fooling around. All the action was at the neck […]
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The Politics Of Thank You?

A quick thought for this morning. Last night’s 2nd date (he was last weekend’s coffee date) was pleasant enough. Nice guy: Sweet, smart, polite, interesting.  All the good things. He’s just so wishy-wishy.  Maybe he’s intimidated by me?  I’ve been told I can be a little intimidating.  Anyway, I can’t be attracted to a guy […]
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Is Hope Bad?

I had a good date last night. Really good. We first connected online a few weeks ago. I winked at him. Yeah, I know, winks are cheap and pathetic. It’s not that I’m too cheap to send a message (I’m currently using a site that has a pay per message plan. I promise to dedicate […]

Rules, schmules

I don’t believe in any rules when it comes to dating or relationships. I think everyone has to figure out what works for them. However, I have come to believe that there is a danger in having sex with a guy too soon (though I’m still not sure what too soon is). I used to […]
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Ghosts Around Every Corner

Recently, I started a new job and it’s landed me in a part of town that I don’t usually set foot in. I’m way over on the east side of midtown, near the UN, which is a pleasant enough place to work. On my first day I decided to have lunch outside in Dag Hammarskjöld […]
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