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OK – There’s More to the Story

I didn’t just decide to hide my profile out of nowhere.  It was a reaction to the events of the prior 24 hours.  One big one. Except it wasn’t big.  It was little.  I think it was little. Oh, I have no fucking clue. Here’s what happened:  We were on the subway, on our way […]
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Thoughts on a Lazy Saturday Morning

I’ve been sitting on my thoughts, thinking about what I would post in the future, when the kinks here at my new home were all worked out.  But dammit.  I have lots of shit to do today and I don’t want to wait anymore.  If it turns out that this transtion continues to take longer […]
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What’s Wrong With Me?

Now don’t everybody shout out their answers at once. I have a date in a few hours. Not with Mr. Potential. A first date with someone I met online a week or so ago. I am ambivalent about it. I’d like it to go well, of course. Sure I would. I think. Yesterday Mr. Potential […]
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Is This The Good Part? I Can’t Remember

I had to head out of town yesterday, just a couple of hours after Mr. Potential left my apartment. We texted during the day yesterday (after he woke up from a several hour, much deserved, nap) and then again today. Today he asked , via text, if he would see me later this week and […]
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And What a Good Morning It is

Good Morning Everyone. Yes, Mr. Potential spent the night. I’ve been sitting here, drinking my coffee, trying to figure out exactly how much I want to tell you all about last night.  We’re in new territory here (for this blog). I’ve never been the kind of girl to give my friends the gory details, and […]