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Goddamn New Year’s Eve

I’ve spent much of the last 48 hours ruminating on my situation with Mr. Potential.  I know I said that I was just going to be patient about it, but there was this thing, this stupid thing that’s been nagging at me. New Year’s Eve is less than two weeks away.   Mr. Potential is supposed […]
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Morning After Update

This is going to be unorganized and maybe incoherent because I’m bleary eyed and still drinking my coffee (yeah, at 11:24, and that’s a good thing).  Yesterday morning I got a lovely text from Mr. Potential telling me he was looking forward to seeing me later.  I texted back asking about our specific plans. We’d […]
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My Baby Cares for ???

OK, I finally changed the Song of the Day.  It’s still Nina Simone, though. I’ve moved on, thematically, to My Baby Just Cares for Me (as an added bonus for those of you who listen the whole way through, there’s a totally whacked out interview with Nina at the end of the song – I […]
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I Can Learn, Kinda

Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?  Well, I’m not that old and I’m a lot smarter than most dogs, and well, you’ve seen my pics.  Maybe the analogy isn’t a good one.  The point is, I am learning.  For example, earlier today, when I was in a pissy mood about a […]
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I Didn’t Want This Buried or Lost

Yeah, another post.  I write when I’m stressed. I was just answering your comments (Thank you to those who commented – you know how happy it makes me!!.  Comments have been low and so I’m guessing you’re just not liking the recent posts?).  Anyway, I was answering a comment and I wrote something that I […]
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