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The New Year

I’m not going to do resolutions.  What would be the point?  Most of the things that are causing me stress are completely beyond my control.  All I can really do is keep going.  Keep trying. Keep being as honest and sincere and open and I can be and hope that someday all of my hard […]

New Year’s Eve Update

Just moments after I woke up this morning I received a text from Mr. Potential, “Honey, I’m home.”  (He flew home on the red eye.)  I thought it was funny on many levels.  I sent him a “Welcome home” reply. I’m only working until mid-afternoon today.  Then, the plan is, I’m going straight to Mr. […]
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Mice and Men (and players, too)

I was really suprised by the comments from my last post.  From what I gather, the general consensus (here, not what I was getting from DM on Twitter and from friends) is that men are fragile creatures who cannot be rushed.  They are easily intimidated and when you try to speak with them once a […]
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I Said the Word, Redux

I used to throw that word around without thinking too much about it.  Boyfriend.  No big deal.  Just a guy I was dating. A guy I was sleeping with. And then one day, a few years ago, it hit me.  There were men who I’d called my boyfriend who probably didn’t reciprocate.  In other words, […]
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I Said the Word

I’m doing yet another short term gig.  Just started last week. We’re on skeleton crew this week, which I kinda like.  No one really knows me here, which I kinda like. I was sitting at my desk actually doing a tiny bit of work when my phone made the loud bling sound it makes when […]
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