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Looking Forward

I got the nicest email from The European today.  He’s still away, in Europe, enjoying his trip.  But he took the time to write and tell me a little bit about what he’s been up to and to tell me that he’s looking forward to seeing me again.  He’s back this weekend, I think, and […]
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Monday Morning Blahs

I miss Spring.  Just last week it was winter and then yesterday it was too hot to sleep.  Yes I have an air conditioner. But I was too stubborn to turn it on.  It’s April.  We’re not supposed to need our air conditioners in April. So because the universe has decided that we no longer […]
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Back to Dating

Back when I was a kid there were these toys called Weebles.  I don’t remember ever having one, or knowing anyone who did, but I can still remember the song from the commercial, “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down”.   You see, Weebles had rounded bottoms so that they couldn’t be knocked over from a […]
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Who Knows?

I think I have a date tonight.  A first date.  I think.  This guy asked me out last week.  He’d originally asked me out for last Friday but I was busy.  So he suggested tonight and I said yes. We left the details open.  He said he’d be in touch. Guess what?  I haven’t heard […]
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Sunny Afternoon

I had a very interesting date yesterday.   It was an outdoor/afternoon date.  We met at a coffee shop that was near a park and then walked to the park and sat outside. The guy (he’s going to need a nickname) got major points for planning.  It was pretty much the perfect plan for yesterday, because […]