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Kissing and Telling (and other things that bloggers do)

I was thinking yesterday as I read a post on someone else’s blog (I’m not going to say who, this isn’t about pointing fingers) that I really don’t get it.  This blogger had written some things that seemed to me to be the equivalent of a kid standing in the middle of a playground, stripping […]
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About Last Night

OK, I couldn’t resist. And yeah, I know that a significant number of my readers are too young to get that reference.  Oh well. Here’s what happened, in brief: I met the European outside the movie theater.  Now a couple of quick notes.  First, I was having a major wardrobe malfuction.  I had decided to […]
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Maybe He’s a Duck

I had a pretty good second date with The European last week.  He was charming and thoughtful and our conversation flowed easily from topic to topic.  We shared our dinners, casually tasting each other’s choices (the food was yummy, he chose a good date spot).  Towards the end of the meal he apologized for eating […]
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Dodged a Bullet

Remember Coach?  Awesome first date, asked me out for a second date right away, talked about how much he wanted to have a serious relationship.  But he couldn’t plan a simple date to save his life and he bragged about being a mamma’s boy. Well, he’s out of the picture.  Not because of anything that […]
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A Tale of Two Dates

Earlier tonight I met a friend for coffee at a popular local coffee bar.  It’s not a great place for dates.  I’d certainly never suggest it.  But every once and a while I’ll notice couples meeting there for what is obviously their first date. Tonight I noticed a very cute, youngish guy who was nervously […]
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