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Are Men Regressing?

So my phone rang at 7:45 tonight.  It was the guy I thought I had a date with tonight (or last night).  I didn’t answer. The message he left me was kinda funny.  He was upbeat and enthusiastic and said how much he was looking forward to our next date.  And he wanted to know […]
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Early Next Week?

I’m going to be sitting home tonight.  Or maybe not.  Maybe I’ll head out and do something with a friend.  What I won’t be is out on a date. Even though I thought I had one for tonight.  Or maybe it was last night? Late last week I received a text from the guy I […]
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Yeah, I Think I AM Ready

All day long, I’ve had the same song stuck in my head.  I woke up thinking of it and just couldn’t shake it. It’s an old song, one that few of you have ever heard.  It’s kind of odd that I find myself thinking of it as much as I do (in fact, I posted […]
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As a Matter of Fact, It Was a Pretty Awesome Date

I’ve been so busy recovering from Lostplum’s birthday party that I forgot to write about my date Thursday night. He could be a keeper. (I’m grinning as I type this, btw). Here’s the backstory:  We first met online weeks ago.  And honestly, I didn’t have high hopes for him.  He seemed great in a lot […]
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Long, Fun and Weird

So my date the other night with that guy, the one who had disappeared for many months, was just bizarrre.  Oh, and we were right.  He’s been in a serious relationship this whole time. First off, he’s an old picture guy.  A really old picture guy.  If I had to guess I’d say his pictures […]
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