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The Nose Knows

Sometimes I’ll meet a guy and it takes me a few days to figure out what, if anything, to write about the date.  Usually it’s because I liked the guy but there was some issue that makes me think I shouldn’t see him again. I had one of those dates last week. This is a […]
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I Called It

And so, I don’t have a 3rd date tonight with Mr. Red Flag.  I got an email from him late yesterday afternoon, cancelling.  It seems he and his ex have been talking and blah blah blah – it’s not fair for him to be dating anyone else while they’re talking and maybe working on things. […]
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Saturday’s Score = .500

I was a very busy SINgleGIRL on Saturday with two dates scheduled back-to-back.  First up was my second date with a guy I first went out with a week or so ago. He’s going to need a nickname because we have another date scheduled for tomorrow night.  For now I’m going to call him Mr. […]
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Are Men Regressing? Redux

I caught a lot of flack for the post Are Men Regressing? (Ah hell, I’ve just been catching a lot of flack lately.  I’m not giving advice people, just telling you about MY life.  I’m not suggesting you live by my rules.  What, exactly, is so irksome about that?).  Anyway, after a while I decided […]

Rules Are Made to Be Broken

I’ve never actually taken direct quotes from a real guy’s email and used it here without his permission (the Ex Files was done with M’s permission, which in hindsight was seriously fucked up).  But I just can’t resist.  This is too much, too ridiculous, IMO. If I meet a guy online and he asks me […]