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Mr. Nicepost

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I told Saturday night’s date about this blog.  I didn’t just say, “I have a blog” or “I’m a dating blogger”.  I gave him the blog’s name and then reached into my bag and pulled out one of my business cards and handed it to him. And yes, […]
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The Cat’s Out of the Bag

There are so many things I can say about my date on Saturday.  So many.  Here’s the 6 word version:  Liked him enough to be myself. Fast forward a couple/few hours into the date.  We’d left the bar we met at to go to his favorite restaurant (one of the best meals I’ve had in […]
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So Much For My Busy Weekend of Dates (and stuff)

So, earlier this week I was a busy, busy SINgleGIRL.  Emailing and texting and talking with boys about dates for this weekend.  It looked like I had first dates on Thursday night(I kinda consider Thursday night the unofficial start of the weekend) and Saturday day (today) and then a second date, probably, on Saturday night […]
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I’m Gonna Say It, "Arrogant Douchebag"

I think that, as a general policy, I don’t talk trash about the guys I go out with.  I might say I had a bad time.  Or that someone was older, fatter and balder than his pictures. Or that he was rude.  Whatever.  But I seldom come right out and insult the guys in a […]
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Itty Bitty Dating Update

I took last week off from dating.  It wasn’t really something I’d planned.  I had a date planned for Friday afternoon.  But then Friday morning came along and I had a bunch of other things I wanted to do and I wasn’t feeling well and well… I guess I just wasn’t excited enough about the […]
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