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Time to Change

I’ve been switching back and forth, for the past few months, between two online dating services: OkCupid and  Sometimes using them simultaneously and sometimes just one or the other.  I like them both (each for different reasons, which I’ve mentioned before).  And, in fact, there are several dozen guys in NYC in my target […]
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There’s Always More to the Story

On Tuesday, I wrote about my cancelled date with Mr. Nicepost and the way I felt about it (stressed, distrustful, ashamed at my own lack of trust).  I tried to be as open and honest with you as I could be about my feelings, while at the same time leaving out lots of details about […]
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A Matter of Trust (Trust?)

I was supposed to have a date with Mr. Nicepost tonight.  Was.  I got an email from him early this afternoon saying that he was sick.  The flu.  He suggested we get together Friday.  But I have family stuff this weekend and so… People get sick all of the time.  It happens. And yet my […]

My Nondate

Last night I had a nondate. A couple of weeks ago I was supposed to meet this guy for drinks, and he emailed early in the day saying he was still interested in meeting me but had had a couple of promising dates with a new girl and so was thinking that our “date” would […]
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Still a Haze

I’m just gonna be honest with you and admit that I’m still in a bit of a haze.  I was out late last night and one of the many things that suck about getting older is that I can’t go out and have lots of fun and lots to drink and then wake up early […]
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