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93% is Really High

I had a date tonight.  It was my first “real” date in about two months, I think.  I’m not exactly sure about how long it’s been, I guess I could check the blog archives and come up with an exact date.  And there has certainly been some date-like activity (but that’s so another story and […]

Sex OR Dating in the City

I’ve been pretty dull lately.  All work and stress and blog blah blah blah.  I know.  It’s pathetic. So I’m gonna take a big deep breath and try to block everything out, all of the stress and my phone bzzing every 2 minutes and the twelve things I was supposed to do today and didn’t […]

I’ve Become THAT Person

So one day last week I received a message in my online dating message box that addressed me by name.  It confused me because it wasn’t a reply and I couldn’t find any other messages from the man in question.  And while my pictures are very recent and do, indeed, look like me (they are […]

Kinda Disappointed, Kinda Proud of Myself?

So early last week it looked like this week was going to be busy with dates.  My online dating inbox was full of messages from new guys and a handful of them seemed like they had potential.  I was looking forward to it, actually. And then, I started to really look at them.  And to […]

Some People Know How to Listen

So the other day I received an email from Lucky Girl. She’d been man-shopping for me again, and included the links to profiles for 4 different guys that she thought I might like. I didn’t have to click the links for 3 of them. I recognized the profile names. One was a guy I actually dated […]
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