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What Do You Find Attractive in a Man/Woman?

It’s official -> I’m odd. Yeah, yeah, yeah, no surprise there. I’m odd and in more ways than I can probably count.  Here’s today’s example: I was walking with a couple of female friends when they both slowed down to notice a guy a few yards away.  A guy they both thought was very attractive. […]

Should She Stay or Should She Go?

Actually, I think she should do whatever the hell she wants. I just love an excuse to sneak in some Clash (see video below). The she in question is Michelle Rhee, DC Public Schools Chancellor.  Yesterday, I read this great post that Feministing did on her engagement to Kevin Johnson, the Mayor of Sacramento, Long-distance […]

Do You Kiss And Tell?

I remember being asked by an IRL friend, after he checked out this blog for the first time, “Where’s the sex?”.  It’s a valid question. I write about sex in a vague and general way. As a theme. But I never give the juicy details. That’s a conscious choice I’ve made, based on what I […]

Attn Interwebs, I’m “In a Relationship”

No not me. Since we’re on the topic of facebook, one of the little things I find fascinating (read – bizarre) is how some people choose to keep their relationship status private and others make it public.  And then, amongst those who make it public, there are people who name names (I am in a […]

Take this Sex Toy and Shove it!

I get a lot of, um, interesting things in my inbox. Like you wouldn’t believe. I try to stay on top of it all (it is a lot, and I’ve learned that sometimes it’s hard to quickly tell the wheat from the chaff) but mostly I fail. Anyway, one of the more random things that […]