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Was it real for you?

I had to go there. Last week there were a couple/few articles bouncing around about how men sometimes fake orgasms, too. Even Fox News got into the game (I couldn’t resist the opportunity to link to Fox, I don’t why). Which got me wondering: a) Was this news? b) Really, was this news? Once again, […]

“Very Difficult Decision”

It was a couple/few weeks ago while I was still sick.  Coughing lots.  Trying hard to get better. I posted this update to my facebook. “Had to make a very difficult decision today. Said no to sex for another few days, at least. Still not breathing well enough/still coughing. I am VERY COMMITTED to resting so […]

Dear Universe, Please Let the Bedroom Walls Be Thick

So last night I was lying in bed, exhausted from packing all day, when I heard my next door neighbor sneeze. And then it hit me, OMG please let my new apartment have thick walls. Please, oh please, oh please. As I’ve written about before, one of the issues with my current apartment is that […]

How Many Alcoholic Drinks Do You Have On a Single Date?

This week’s poll is stolen, verbatim, from Glamour’s Smitten column. Yep, I’m that shameless. Seriously, I just thought it was an awesome idea for a poll and I wanted to use it.  Giving them full credit for the idea, of course. I’ve written, many times, about the fact that I’m a total lightweight. I don’t […]

Purity Test (a poll)

So, here’s something I haven’t mentioned because it’s just kind of embarrassing (to whom, I’m not exactly sure) – one of the reasons I tired of the situation with The Sunday Boy was because the sex just wasn’t all that good (for me).  And that that had quite a bit to do (I’m guessing) with […]