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He’s too stupid to realize how smart I am

I’m a sucker for certain types of articles. Claim to have a good explanation for why otherwise reasonable people do unreasonable things and I’ll give you a click. Even if I don’t expect you to have a good answer. I’ll read your post for the entertainment value alone. So yesterday I was thrilled to see this […]

How About a Drink?

My preference, for first dates, is to meet for a drink. It can be coffee, wine, beer. But, really, I don’t want to commit to more than a beverage on a first date. It’s a time commitment thing. And usually, when a guy asks me out, if he doesn’t explicitly says, “a drink”, I suggest […]

Giving Up is Hard to Do

But first, because I can’t help myself I know that many of my readers are way too young to get the reference, but it’s one of those random songs from my childhood, forever playing on the oldies station in my head. So yeah, breaking up is hard to do. But for me, giving up is […]

How far would you travel for potential love?

I’ll admit it, I’ve been sucking at the online dating thing lately. To be honest, I’ve just been overwhelmed with life, work and health stuff since the beginning of the month. I want to date. I just haven’t been making the time. Instead, I’ve been letting messages sit in my online dating inbox, unanswered. Which […]

Dumper Or Dumpee: Which is Hotter?

Who’lda thunk it – I have something in common with David Brooks. We’re both utterly fascinated by social science research. A couple of days ago he wrote about a bunch of mildly bizarre, recent studies. One of which caught my eye. Would you rather date someone who dumped his or her last partner or someone […]