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An Unpopular Opinion (?)

Men cheat.  Women cheat.  People cheat.  And as we’ve discussed, most of us believe that the majority of people would probably cheat if they thought they could get away with it.  In other words, the instinct is there for almost everyone. Now, I’ve already discussed my inclination for open relationships (many times, and no this […]
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First dates.  Let’s face it, they’re weird.  You get together with someone you don’t know (in my case, usually over drinks) to hang out/talk/get to know each other a little bit while you’re each thinking the same thing:  Is this someone I want to have sex with? Because, really, that’s what chemistry is.  At it’s […]

Do You Have a Type?

I’ve been dating for a long time.  A looong time.  Some might say, too long. I don’t like to put numbers on it all.  That’d be crass.  But in my many years of dating, there have been quite a few men who I went out with more than just 3 or 4 times.  In other […]
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I Love You, But I Love Another More?

I’m not a big fan of reality shows (with a few exceptions – I’m completely in love with Top Chef and had a mild flirtation with the Millionaire Matchmaker, but couldn’t stand her past season 1).  The shows that I really don’t get are the Bachelor and the Bachelorette.  The whole formula just doesn’t make […]
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The LDR Conundrum

I can’t think of single girlie mag or dating/sex/romance focused website that hasn’t done a piece on long-distance relationships in the past few months.  They’ve ranged from, Strategies to Make Your LDR Work, to Why LDRs Never Work.  It makes sense. It’s a timeless topic, especially for single women (some of whom may have to […]
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