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Rethinking My Love

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there are few things I really believe in and hold to be true.  I don’t believe in god, organized religion, monogamy (although I have plenty of respect for people who do believe in those things and would hope that you all – the majority – could […]
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Can a Leopard Change His/Her Spots?

You all know how much I like hearing from you.  I love getting your messages (it’s easy to reach me via the OnSugar system, Twitter DM, facebook).  Not so much the angry/nonsensical tirades in the comments section, but they’re easy enough to delete. Well, a couple days ago I got a message that kind of […]
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Do You Recycle Sex?

I have a new favorite phrase:  recycled sex.  Lots of us have had it.  It’s ex-sex, aka sex with someone you used to be in a relationship with. Like most things related to sex, people have very strong feelings about this.  Some people think it’s OK, some don’t.  I fall somewhere in between. My views […]
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The Chase

So here I am, genuinely confused.  Well, not exactly confused.  But of two minds. As some of you might know from an earlier post, I’m a fan of VSB (anyone who takes offense at their humor should send complaints to them, not me).  Earlier this week they did a post on why women shouldn’t approach […]
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So Happy to See

I’m just so happy to see that, as of right now, only 2% of the voters felt that the other man/woman was “at fault” in the case of a love triangle. I didn’t think that was going to be the case.   I’ve so frequently heard women call other women “homewreckers” and the like.  I thought, […]
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