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Something in Common

I love statistics (a fact I’ve mentioned before). I love data and charts and graphs and polls.  Hence the weekly polls and my fascination with things likes demographic trends and representative samples. So imagine my delight when I got an email with all of this (silly) poll data from  I nearly jumped for joy. […]

How Long Is Too Long?

This week’s poll was inspired by, well stolen from Starangel82. With her permission, of course. You can see the original here. She’d met a man online and they’d been chatting and she quite liked him.  And was ready for him to ask her out.  More than ready. And it’s been her experience that men don’t […]

Kick Him To the Curb?

So once again I feel like the universe is trying to tell me something. But first the story. Last night I was talking on the phone with one of my best friends in the world (it kills me that he left NYC a decade ago). We were talking about something going on in my life, […]
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Blind Date?

As I’ve mentioned, I started online dating back in the dark ages, when very few people had their pictures posted.  Not only didn’t people have their pictures posted, but most of us didn’t have a digital version of ourselves to send as an attachment in an email.  I remember one guy asking me for one […]

Do You Check Out The Ex?

You know how some topics just seem to keep coming up? Over and over. Well lately it seems like wherever I look, people are talking about their partner’s ex.  Specifically they’re facebook stalking the exes, or obsessing about the ex in some other way. I gotta say, I find this BIZARRE. Not in a judgy […]
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